Becoming a dad and [bad] blogger at the same time

Dear everybody who finds this blog

I have recently begun trotting the path towards parenthood having found out over Christmas that my girlfriend is pregnant. With this amazing news has begun an amazing journey. I write this 5 days before our first scan, 5 days before things become real.

The wait has been excruciating. Firstly to get pregnant and now for the first real confirmation (other than the pregnancy test and basically all the symptoms).

Along the way, between conception and pregnancy, there have been a few things worth noting either for practical or comical reasons. It is here on this blog that I intend to share our experiences in hope of helping, enlightening or amusing readers.

My initial blog will be a brief history of our super amazing relationship. This of course sounds boring but I hope to put a bit of context into our journey. Followed by a moderately humorous conception diary which probably won’t blow your socks off. I also aim to write number of articles on different issues that arise throughout the pregnancy. So far ‘why do they get all those benefits?’ and ‘how should we announce this?’ have been a couple topics of debate I may discuss.

Hopefully you, the reader, will get be able to get something useful from this everyday journey my partner and I are on.

The Bad Blogger