Announcing Pregnancy and Answering Questions

Dear readers are you there yet?

Aghhh the same questions again and again and again. All involving numbers, dates, days, weeks aghhh. Honestly I’ve answered the same questions over and over since initially announcing the pregnancy to the amazing [mostly female] staff at my workplace. Unfortunately I haven’t known the answers to any of these questions any of the million times I’ve been asked. Unfortunately I answered most by playing guessing games about days and weeks from when we’d done the pregnancy test or when Bam thinks she had her last period. I must have given dozen of different answers.

I’d decided to tell work folk before Christmas thinking we’d be going for the first scan pretty soon after the holidays. We’d heard nothing about the scan date by the time I’d returned to work so I continued with my guess work about how far gone Bam was. When we finally got the scan date [for near a month later] I was at least able to provide this date to people. My advice to people, advice that is given to everybody and I ignored, wait till after the first scan to tell heads.

We had told family and our works but we hadn’t actually told the world aka Facebook. Silly really but we both have lots of friends in the two different towns we’re originally from who didn’t know. Continuing where the scan day diary left off this is just a footnote from the amazing confirmation that our baby actually existed.


Scan Day (part 2)

Me and Bam unfortunately fell out via text as I’d asked her to not post it on Facebook until the following day as I had wanted to let a number of people in my home town know via phone call first. It got posted and we [secretly] argued as everybody congratulated us. In hindsight I do feel aggrieved about the argument. I really hate the fact B felt bad on such an splendicious day.

We did make up [via text] and I told her ‘I loved her’ and she replied the same to me. Bam chilled at her mum till later on about bought me a McDonalds on her way back at about 11pm. My brother had called to chill for an hour or so and discuss the scan and his new pro wrestling career with a glass of wine.

Amazing day!!!


Moral of the story is get your shit in check. Tell who needs telling and don’t leave things until the last minute.

The Bad Blogger


Author: The Bad Blogger

I'm an enthusiastic Dad-to-be attempting to document some of the coming events in hope of helping future parents..... and for a bit of a laugh.

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