The greatest moment since Aguero scored that goal…well, almost.

Dear readers

Forgive my off the bat frankness. Scan day was amazing, absolutely unforgettable probably the most generally happy I’ve been over the course of a morning. But as singular moments go the rather unemotional nonchalant attitude of the scan lady did dampen the experience. I would have appreciated a commentary of events more akin to Sergio Aguero’s last minute goal against QPR in 2012 while she searched for our baby. It was more a matter of ‘get on the bed, there’s your baby, do you want a picture?’. Oh well we received the confirmation that we were so desperate for.

I’ve included part of my Pregnancy Diary entry of the day below:

Scan Day

Today was one of the best days of both our lives. We got to the hospital in good time, checked in and Bam was on the hospital bed with some gel on her tummy by 9.30 am. The lady scanning found our baby almost immediately and we got to see him or her for the first time ever. Wow!. The little dude was wiggling around something rotten with so many features showing clearly. Head, [big] brain, body, spine, crossed legs, little arms and tiny heart. Bam commented about how crazy it was that our pretty little creature was moving around so much and that she could not feel it at all.

I then walked up the road and had a look in a small bookshop while B had her bloods taken (although she didn’t as the wait was too long). Clocked a signed copy of His Dark Material for future reference. We got dinner (minted lamb + salad bap and vanilla slice for me and bacon and cooked tomatoes for her) and drove up Castle Hill to eat it.

I then went to work proud as punch with my scan photo. It was amazing the reaction people gave. Everybody seemed so made up for us. I do work with a large number of amazingly caring people and fully appreciate them.

Me and Bam then unfortunately fell out via text as……..

The following part of this diary entry is relevant to my next post and point of contention.

The Bad Blogger


Here’s a comparison of me and our child at a similar age.

Our Baby

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